Syrians’ resistance defeated US, allies in Aleppo: Iran MP

Press TV- A senior Iranian lawmaker says the resistance of the Syrian people and army dealt the final blow to the United States and its regional allies in the newly liberated strategic city of Aleppo.

“The defiance and perseverance of the Syrian people, the resistance forces and the army in the city of Aleppo finally led to the defeat of Takfiri terrorists, the US and its regional allies,” the chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, said in a meeting with Syrian lawmaker, Zhirayr Reisyan, in Tehran on Sunday.

He expressed congratulations over the liberation of Aleppo from the grips of foreign-backed terrorists and hailed the resistance of the Syrian people in the face of the enemies’ threats and acts of aggression.

The Iranian legislator reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s policy on supporting Syria in its fight against terrorism while focusing on political approaches.

“The nation and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran have stood by the Syrian people and government and will always support the brave Syrian people,” Boroujerdi said.

The Syrian government managed to liberate Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, after weeks of advances and blistering attacks against foreign-backed militants, who had been holding the eastern part of the city since 2012.

Meanwhile, a new deal has been reached between the Syrian government and the militants in Aleppo to resume the evacuation of civilians and the remaining armed groups from the east of the city, after the original pact came to a halt.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Boroujerdi stressed the importance of constant and regular political and parliamentary consultations between the Iranian and Syrian officials in the current regional circumstances.

Iran flag-bearer of fight against terrorism

Reisyan, for his part, said Iran, as an ally of Syria, plays a pivotal role in the fight against terrorism and Takfiri currents.

He added that Iran has always supported the Syrian government and nation in the battle against terrorism.