BUPC undertaking 3 GSU projects

The Construction Director of Bushehr petrochemical company (BUPC) Abdolreza Irani says his company is busy with three gas sweetening projects near phases 6, 7 and 8.

Irani told IRNA correspondent who was on a tour of Assaluyeh that the gas the BUPC receives are sour and made available by the phases six, seven and eight and they are them sweetened and then the ethane and methane gases are separated from it.

He said his company produces 324,000 cubic feet of ethane and 850 cubic feet/day ethyl.

He added that the ethane is the olefin unit of the BUPC built in phase two.

The official said the project will be pre-commissioned as early as the new Iranian calendar year of 1396 (to start on March 20).

He said 2,400,000 tons of gas are annually sent to the BUPC and 400 tons of sulfur is obtained out of it. The ethane, methane and propane are then separated out of the bulk and 1,250,000 tons of methane, 9,500 tons of ethane, 126,000 tons of propane are hence obtained.

Annually, 1,740,000 tons of methanol are annually produced, according to the official.
Irani said 8,200 tons/year butane gas is collected and set to reserves for exports.

‘Our major export item is methanol. ‘

The BUPC is going to export wide spectrum of its projects according to the official.

The BUPC is one of the major petrochemical projects in Iran which yields more than five million tons/year sulfur, ethylene, polyethylene, methanol, acetic acid, ethylene glycol, and vinyl stat monomer.

Some sixty percent of the BUPC capital is shared by Sata Investment Company and 40 percent by Maroon Petrochemical Company.

The executive operations of the project started in Pars Energy Special Economic Zone in Assaluyeh, covering about 70 hectares of lands.

The capital needed for the project is 1.9 billion euros plus 25000 billion rials.

It comprises three sites: Site one produces olefin, MEG, HDPE, acetic acid, the site two produces C2 recovery and methanol, and site three presents gas sweetening, sulfur recovery, acetic acid and VAM not yet located by NPC.

The sweetening units and ethane recovery consumes 2,862,000 tons of sour gas as feed and yields one million tons of ethane, 85,000 tons of methane, 154,000 tons of propane and 33,500 tons of butane.

The process for production of methanol out of methane gas comprises gas desulphurization, saturation of reformed gas with condensates, reforming, reformed gas cooling, methanol synthesis and methanol storage and unloading.

The methanol production project of the BUPC uses 101,500 tons of methane, 20,100 tons of carbon dioxide, 32,500 tons of hydrogen and 108,000 tons of oxygen a year.

It yields 1,654,000 tons of methanols.

The olefin unit uses 1,300,000 tons of ethane to produce one million tons of ethylene and 85,000 tons of three carbon cut.

The MEG unit uses methane, oxygen and ethylene as feed and produces MEG, DEG, TDG, CO2 (dry basis-HA catalyst) and CO2 (dry basis-HS catalyst).

The BUPC operates on 2,198,000 euros plus 2.5 million rials investment.

China is the major financier.

Technip of France and Nargan Co. of Iran are major licensors of the olefin unit of the BUPC.

The IPIP is the licensor and EIED the consultant of the ethane and the sweetening units of the BUPC, while Gazale and Pidek are the licensor and consultant of the methane unit of the BUPIC respectively.