260k ton exports from Pars Petrochemical Port

IRNA – Director of the Operations Site of Pars Petrochemical Port Reza Kaveh says 260,000 tons of products are exported from Pars Petrochemical Port.

Kaveh said there are 15 jetties in the port, and from the third jetty such products as MGE and DEG are exported.
He said butadiene is part of the consignments loaded in the area.

The official said urea is loaded in the jetties no. 13 and 14, while the jetties no. 10, 11 and 12 are for general purpose cargo.
He referred to China, south East Asia and the Persian Gulf states as destinations of the exports.

Construction of Pars Petrochemical Port at Pars Special Economic-Energy Zone in Assalouyeh had progressed by about 70 percent by August 22.
Construction of the port, with an estimated capacity to handle 27-30 million tons of petrochemical products per year, started in 2002.

The port will include seven dock posts for exporting solid products and eight dock posts for exporting liquid products.
Pars Petrochemical Port enjoys all port facilities, communication equipment, infrastructures, watchtowers and lighthouses and will be active round-the-clock.

The port can accommodate ships up to a capacity of 70,000 tons.

Based on current estimates, 800-1,200 ships will call at the port per year. Approved investments in Pars Petrochemical Port amount to $87 million and 568 billion rials and it is expected to be complete in 48 months.

At present six big petrochemical projects are underway at Pars Special Economic-Energy Zone.

The zone was launched in 1998 for the utilization of gas coming from South Pars field and establishment of petrochemical as well as downstream oil and gas industries.