Iran could foil all regional threats: Army commander

IRNA – Iran’s Armed Forces are capable enough to ward off all regional threats by relying on their indigenous defense know-how, says Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi.

‘The indigenous defense know-how possessed by Iran’s Armed Forces is far more precious than possessing defense equipment and hardware,’ General Salehi said.

Dependence on other countries for procurement of the defense hardware tends to be like a disease and those who remain to be dependent are unaware of their sickness.

‘Presently, some of the countries in the region are suffering from such a disease,’ General Salehi said.

The commander of Iran’s Armed Forces was in Hormuzgan provincial capital, Bandar Abbas, on Monday.

During his stay, General Salehi paid a visit to Shahid Abdolkarimi military airbase in southern Iran and attended a navy exhibition.