Ejei: Verdict still to be awaited in Zanjani’s case

MNA – Judiciary spokesperson has said Semnan train crash will be seriously addressed by provincial Justice Ministry.Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei told reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony on Sunday that the government had responded timely to the event, with the Judiciary hasting to the scene by arrest of 3 possible culprits in the event; “other individuals would be indicted if they were identified as playing a role in the event, which killed 45 people and injured dozens of others,” he told the press.

“Government’s action in immediately seeking to provide compensations to families of victims is laudable; this is important that they should not suffer further apart from grief of the death of their loved ones.”

In other issue of the case of Babak Zanjani, Ejei rejected the media reports of few recent days that the death penalty had been overturned by the court of appeal; “no verdict has been given in Zanjani’s case; the news story was also denied by the deputy-head of Supreme Court; the public should exercise patience to find out the true verdict in that case,” he asserted.

Still in other issue of controversial debate, Ejei told reporters that the investigation into the heart of the matter would produce conclusions in the upcoming days. Mr. Ali Motahari’s address in a student event in Mashhad had been cancelled by the city’s prosecutor-general, an act widely interpreted as encroachment of constitutional rights of people, and to which the Judiciary head was quick to respond on Wednesday. Ejei is responsible for examining the issue and providing public with a report; “investigation will produce a full report relying upon detailed written timeline of the event from different government bodies including the provincial governorate,” he briefly said.

On famous dossier of salary bill scandal, Judiciary spokesperson lamented the fact that the Judiciary had been waiting for government’s report which would possibly indict specific individuals of high-ranking officials implicated in the media as beneficiaries of the bills; “no such dossier has been delivered to the Judiciary; IRGC intelligence however has sent a report to the prosecutor-general, and a number of individuals has been presented in interrogations,” he told the press.