Iran, Norway to cooperate in emergency response plan

November 26, The Iran Project – The head of the Norwegian Red Cross announced on Saturday that Norway and Iran, based on the capacity of the volunteers, will cooperate to empower disable people and properly respond to emergency events.  

Signing a memorandum of cooperation in the near future, Iran and Norway can expand their cooperation to help asylum seekers by providing medical, rehabilitation and livelihood services, train volunteers to increase their motivation, etc., said head of the Norwegian Red Cross in a meeting with Iran’s head of Red Crescent Volunteers Organization Farahnaz Rafe.

Head of the Norwegian Red Cross referred to the authority and empowerment of two countries’ Red Crescent society, adding Norway has great opportunities to implement preventive and health-oriented programs in Iran.

Iranian volunteers have skills in taking progressive and preventive measures to promote the health level of people in remote villages and informal settlements, he stressed.

He went on to say that the development of cooperation between the two countries could be easy since Iran’s volunteers organizing systems and public works programs are very similar to the Norwegian system.

Farahnaz Rafe, for her part, stressed the need for international cooperation between the two countries to transfer experience and implement projects and programs for removing deprivation.