Iranian army dedicates cash prize to anyone identifying next threat to country

Rudaw– The commander of the Iranian army Ataollah Salehi has promised a cash prize of 20 million tomans to any individual or section of the defense forces who could identify the next threat facing their country.

“ISIS and the takfirist will soon be annihilated and pack up but the enemy is seeking another threat and we’ve dedicated cash prizes for identifying it,” the Iranian commander said in a speech in Iran on Monday.
Salehi said that the prize, amounting to a little over $6,000 US dollars “will go to anyone in the armed forces who can identify and present to us what the next threat to our country, where it comes from and when,”
“In the present we are facing new threats and we need to train to the new threats and move from traditional scenarios,” he added.
Iranian military advisers have been fighting ISIS alongside Iraqi and Syrian troops since the group overran swathes of territories in both countries.
Intelligence officials in Tehran have also reported busting ISIS sleeper cells in various parts of Iran in recent months.