RCS offering aid services to 200,000 pilgrims in Iran, Iraq

IRNA – Head of the Islamic Republic Red Crescent Society (RCS) Amir-Mohsen Ziaie says the RCS had provided services for 200,000 pilgrims both in Iran and Iraq.

Ziaie told reporters upon arrival in Mehran border that since the past ten days, 200,000 pilgrims received outpatient aid services both in Iran and Iraq.

He said as the pilgrims have started to come back after Arbaeen rituals, 2,000 aid workers have been deployed in 16 points in Iraq and 6,950 others in 80 bases in provinces of Ilam and Khouzestan.

He added that five helicopters have been dedicated for air rescue and aid services and three of them are in Mehran to expedite the aid in case of emergency.

The helicopters have thus far moved 19 injured, said the official.

Additionally, 30 ambulance of the RCS are in Iraqi territory, 30 on Ilam and Khouzestan border terminals as 90 ambulances are in the provinces neighboring the two provinces for likely aid services, said the RCS official.

‘Thus far, 150 Iranian pilgrims have been hospitalized in Iraqi hospitals and 52 are still there and the rest are discharged.’
Also, the RCS has distributed 60 tons of medicine in Iraq, according to Ziaie.