90,000 pilgrims back to Iran through Mehran border

IRNA – Deputy Head of Arbaeen ceremony headquarters of Ilam Hossein Kalantari said that some 90,000 Iranian pilgrims returned from Karbala through Mehran border on November 18.

Kalantari told IRNA that 350,000 pilgrims have passed through Mehran border since November 1.

Referring to the fact that there is no problem on the way of pilgrims returning to Iran, he said that Mehran border is ready for emergency accommodations, also hosting and presenting transportation services to the pilgrims.

In order to facilitate pilgrims’ exit, Mehran-Ilam road has become one-way, but due to heavy traffic, authorities have requested drivers to exercise patience, he noted.

This year over 1 million pilgrims have taken Ilam-Mehran-Iraq road since it is nearer to Karbala. Millions of Iranians take part in Arbaeen mourning ceremonise in Karbala, Iraq which reaches its climax on Sunday.