Trump not marred by aggressive US policy toward Iran – Ex-Adviser

Sputnik– Despite the fact that Iran has suffered a lot from the policy of the United States that could be characterized as aggressive, newly elected US President Donald Trump has not been involved in this Washington’s policy, Sabbah Zanganeh, the former adviser of Iran’s foreign minister, told Sputnik on Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier in the day, Trump won the US presidential elections despite most of the analysts and opinion polls predicting his defeat to Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump got 279 electoral votes against Clinton’s 228 votes, more than 270 needed to win. “Iran has suffered from the policy of both Democrats and Republicans… All policy implemented by US presidents has been mostly negative for Iran, that’s why the image of the United States in the consciousness of the Iranian nation is negative, in other words an aggressor state. Now we have only to wait and observe the policy of newly elected US President Donald Trump, because, in fact, he does not belong to any of these parties and not involved in all the aggressive policy the United States has implemented in regard to Iran,” Zanganeh said, adding that it would be interesting to see if Trump succeeded in opening a new page in the US foreign policy. He added that the period after elections would allow the new US leader to show how he would fulfill his promises, including in the sphere of international relations.