Cleric: No need for talks with US

IRNA – Substitute Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Movahedi Kermani says there is no need to hold talks with the US to solve problems.

Delivering his second Friday prayers sermon, Ayatollah Kermani said, ‘Be careful US will not return through window. We need no talks with the US to solve problems.’

While appreciating Iranians for massive turn out in the 13th Aban (November 3) rallies, Ayatollah Kermani said the day has not just a political aspect its religious aspect is more important.

‘Its religious side is stronger than its political side,’ said the Ayatollah adding that US ideology is against that of the Iranians.

‘Enmity with US is part of our religion because that country has not the least belief in commitment,’ Ayatollah Kermani said adding, ‘We might be in deal with the pagans based on our lofty interests but we will not enter any deal with the US because it has forgotten humanity. Sitting, talking and setting a date for meeting is not right. They say they will lift sanctions but they add to them.’

‘Americans explicitly speak of enmity with the Iranian nation, whose identity originates from Islam so we should not expect them to be kind.’

Ayatollah Kermani noted that the November 3 rallies were a heavy blow to the US and disappointed it because it came to understand that when pulled out of the door it cannot return from the window.

‘Let’s be careful the Americans will not return to Iran and their enmity should not be forgotten for a single moment. The world people will not forget the US crimes because it did not stop supporting the Zionist regime for a single moment.’

The cleric said to solve problems it is not needed to hold talks with the US. Officials should come to believe in themselves.

‘I announce from this podium that we can stand against the US and smash its power, ‘ Ayatollah Kermani stressed.