Poland grants Best Director Award to Iran’s ‘Until Ahmad Arrives’

TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) – ‘Until Ahmad Arrives’ directed by Sadegh Sadegh-Daghighi won the Best Director Award at 7th International Historical and Military Film Festival in Warsaw.

Attending two international film festivals earlier at Jaipur International Film Festival in India and Abuja International Film Festival AIFF in Nigeria, and bringing awards for Iranian cinema, Until Ahmad Arrives was acclaimed by audience at its third international presence in Poland.

Until Ahmad Arrives focuses on the theme of the Sacred Defense and the sentiments between an Iraqi man and an Iranian girl.

Hail and Sun by Reza Karimi and Tale of Love directed by Ahmad Ramezanzadeh were two other Iranian representatives participating the Polish event.

The mission of the International Historical and Military Films Festival is not only to distinguish artists best in popularization the history by their films and to promote their most valuable works. The Festival is also initiating non-profit mechanisms that will help these movies reaching viewers, especially the young ones.

By Mehr News Agency