Refugees facing violations in ‘Pro Human Rights’ Western countries

Alwaght- Refugees fleeing Western instigated conflicts have entered Europe in droves but are now facing horrible conditions in a continent that claims to be defender of ‘human rights’.

There is currently a mass migration where refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and several African countries continue to pour into Europe with the hope of finding asylum in Europe but instead face harsh, cruel   and inhuman policy of European countries. There has been an increase in Xenophobic and Islamophobic sentiments are with the worrying trend of some politicians use these sentiments to obtain power.

International organizations, including UN agencies have been unable to take any meaningful measures in assisting the asylum seekers in Europe.

France Uses Brutal Force, Destroys Asylum Camp

On Monday in France, violence broke out between migrants and the police at the giant ‘jungle’ camp in the French town of Calais ahead its demolition. The site was home to up to 10,000 migrants and has been taking in up to 80 new refugees a day.

Refugees from the so-called French Calais ‘Jungle’ camp, which is in the process of being dismantled, are going to be dispatched all through France after attempting to make it to Britain.

Polygamous Syrian Refugee Ignites Crisis in Germany

A Syrian refugee in Germany with four wives and 22 children has sparked debates on social media, after the German press negatively highlighted his story in a clear case of social intolerance. The man in question, Ghazia A. (the surname is not disclosed) fled Syria in 2015 and headed to Germany via Turkey, accompanied by his four wives and children. According to Muslim tradition, a man is allowed to have up to four wives. However, Germany does not officially recognize polygamy. The country received some one million refugees in 2015, according to official estimates with many now facing an uncertain future in the country due to increased cases of xenophobia.

Elsewhere, during the commemoration of an anti-communist uprising in 1956, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban on Sunday said his nation must stand up to the “Sovietization” of Europe by defending its borders against migrants, leading to brawls between his supporters and opponents.

Muslim Women in Britain Vulnerable

In Britain, migrants and especially Muslim women wearing Hijab are more likely to be attacked on public transport or on the street.

A recent report co-authored by Dr Imran Awan and Dr Irene Zempi, highlights the impact of offline and online anti-Muslim hate incidents and crimes.

The findings come after a recent rise in hate crime across the United Kingdom against migrants and especially Muslims, after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Australia’s Island of Despair

Amnesty International in its report released last week says, the Australian government is subjecting refugees and asylum seekers to an elaborate and cruel system of abuse – brazenly flouting international law – just to keep them away from its shores. Based on months of research, including interviews in Nauru and Australia, Amnesty International’s report Island of Despair: Australia’s ‘processing of refugees’ exposes the government of Australia’s policy of “processing” refugees and asylum-seekers on Nauru for what it is: a deliberate and systematic regime of neglect and cruelty.

Sharp Rise in Attacks on US Muslims

A Recent report states that across the US there has been significant increase in bias crimes against Muslims and Arabs in 2015, with hate crimes against Muslims rising 89 percent, statistically breaking out of range of between 105 and 160 in the years since 9/11.

Meanwhile, a United Nations investigator has warned that moves to crackdown on migration may worsen the risk of more attacks in Europe while breaching refugees’ fundamental rights.

Ben Emmerson, the Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights, found “little evidence” that ISIS and other terror groups use refugee flows or that asylum seekers are prone to radicalization.

Delivering a report to the UN General Assembly in New York, he said: “While there is no evidence that migration leads to increased terrorist activity, migration policies that are restrictive or that violate human rights may in fact create conditions conducive to terrorism”.

By Alwaght