Leader’s Aide: S. Arabia colluding with Israel in sparking crises throughout region

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati blamed Saudi Arabia for spreading crises in the region, and said Riyadh has been in secret collusion with Tel Aviv to deteriorate the security situation in the regional countries.

“The Saudi rulers’ hand is clearly seen behind all regional crises from Syria to Iraq and Yemen to Bahrain, Libya and other countries,” Velayati said, addressing the 9th meeting of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Awakening Global Assembly in Baghdad on Saturday.

He also blasted Wahhabism and its supporters for fomenting sedition in the Muslim world through actions and policies funded by certain regional countries’ petrodollars.

“Saudi Arabia’s publicized move in violation of norms to establish relations with the Zionist regime is another shame for the Saudi rulers and a new blow to Islam’s body and the Islamic nations’ causes,” Velayati said.

In relevant remarks in September, Velayati lambasted Saudi Arabia for its crimes against the regional Muslims, and said Riyadh is working only in the interests of the US and Israel.

“The Al-Saud is serving the enemies of Islam, that is the US and the Zionist regime,” Velayati said.

Stressing that the Saudi regime is acting as the US stick to pressure the West Asian states, he said, “The Saudis are directly and indirectly collaborating with those who have shed the blood of innocent and Muslim people in the region in the past few years.”

Velayati said that Riyadh has always supported extremism and Wahhabism which are no way related to Islam, and added the Saudi regime’s life has come to an end.

Also, in April, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan warned the world states of the threat imposed by terrorist groups which are supported by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“We believe that today the entire world is threatened by insecurity, instability and spread of horror resulted from acts of the Takfiri-Zionist terrorist groups which are supported by the US, Israel and certain regional countries, headed by Saudi Arabia,” General Dehqan said, addressing the 2016 Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS).

He also downplayed the effectiveness of the so-called anti-terrorism coalitions by the terrorists’ supporters, saying they are not interested in serious and decisive battle against the terrorists and actually reinvigorate and recruit the terrorist groups under the disguise of humanitarian aid, truce, negotiations and deceptive slogans.

Dehqan underlined Iran’s assistance to the terrorism-hit countries, and said the country has paid the most costs to this end.

By Fars News Agency