Presidential debate: Iran streams Trump v Clinton showdowns as ‘anti-American propaganda’

Iran is streaming the US presidential debate as anti-American propaganda, it has been reported.

The country has broken with traditions of not streaming US political debates on local television for the first time. The clashes between Trump and Clinton have been broadcast on not one but three channels, making it available to Persian, Arabic and English-language audiences in Iran, Slate reports.

The Iranian government has been perceived as fiercely anti-US, amid tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran has also been given an “unprecedented taste” of US politics as White House political drama House of Cards has been broadcast for the first time on the Namayesh channel.

The move may reflect how poorly the election is seen to reflect on the country, or reflect global fascination with one of the most divisive and dramatic US elections in living memory.

The third and final debate saw Donald Trump refuse to say if he would accept the election result, a proposition Ms Clinton labelled “horrifying”. At one moment the debate moderator had to ask the audience to stop laughing when Mr Trump said “Nobody respects women more than me”.

A number of women have accused Mr Trump of sexual assault or harassment and footage emerged in which he appeared to discuss sexual assault. He has denied he has ever assaulted any women or holds misogynist views, insisting his comments were “locker room banter”.

By Independent