The agony of Aleppo and emerging opportunities

October 16, The Iran Project – The Battle of Aleppo could be the beginning of other important events. Of course, states sponsor of terrorism will hinder Aleppo’s liberation and this would lead to another new crisis.

But what is more important is that “Terrorist-Nurturing” states are so involved in their regional and domestic crises that cannot further interfere and conflict with the axis of resistance.

1. Because of its upcoming presidential elections, the US cannot certainly meddle in the issue. More importantly, as the two presidential candidates – Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton – have different attitudes towards Syria, it is unlikely the US will seek military involvement in the country.

2. NATO realized that putting President Bashar al-Assad under more pressure and toppling the legitimate government of Syria may escalate the crisis of terrorist operations in Europe which can itself streams many more refugees to Europe and it is by no means in favor of NATO.

3. Turkey is under pressure from different sides:

They all seem to be locks that will be hard to unlock for Turkish government.

4. Saudi Arabia has been deeply trapped in Yemen war and it is likely to soon be forced to accept the new ceasefire proposed by Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah.

Besides, Saudis are facing with a cash crunch to the extent that they had to cut the payments to princes, which were once considered a holly measure, to control severe financial crisis which will certainly topple the al-Saud monarchy, if it continues.

In addition to two mentioned crises, Saudi Arabia is facing a critical crisis, i.e. a power struggle within the royal family that will soon lead to the fall of Saudi regime and the detention of many political figures. Over time, the physical and mental health of the current Saudi king Salman Bin Abdel Aziz will be questioned by power-hungry prices.

But the question is: “when will the crisis happen?”

When the Yemen war is over and the royal family realizes that all those killings, costs and failures were just for Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to take power, and for turning the media’s focus from the king to the neighboring countries crises.

Amid the crises, Israel is the only state sponsor of terrorism that may prevents Aleppo’s liberation by escalating the Syria crisis. But, it won’t take measures in Syria as it does not intend to directly confront Russia and strain its relations with that country.

It is likely that Israel will launch a war against Lebanon and Hezbollah to continue the Syria crisis and prevent one of the warring parties prevail over the other.

The only opportunity the axis of resistance has to solve the crisis is to finish the Battle of Aleppo as soon as possible and not to give the opposition the chance to make a decision and this can be seen in the axis’ intense military activity.