A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on October 6

Newspapers on Thursday covered the ongoing developments in Iraq and Syria, where the US, Russia, and Turkey are on the verge of a conflict among themselves ahead of an operation to liberate the ISIS-held Mosul in Iraq.

The remarks made by the CEO of Peugeot-Citroen, the French car-maker, about the compensation paid to Iran also received good coverage.

President Hassan Rouhani’s ongoing visit to the Southeast Asia was also a top story today.

The above issues, as well as many more, are highlighted in the following headlines:



1- Iraqi PM’s Warning to Turkey and Possibility of Regional Conflict

2- Rouhani: Development of Asian Cooperation Is of Great Importance to Iran

3- 2m Yemeni Children Deprived of Education: UNICEF



1- IRGC Warns Saudi Arabia

2- Iran Seeks to End Takfiri Sedition in Region: Larijani

3- Boeing Not to Deliver Any Plane to Iran This Year

4- Ban Ki-moon’s Biased Report about Iran Human Rights


Aftab-e Yazd:

1- Increase in Iran’s GDP after JCPOA

2- IMF Predicts Iran’s Inflation Rate Will Be 9.2% on Average This Year and Next Year

3- We Paid Compensation to Iran: Peugeot-Citroen CEO


Arman-e Emrooz:

1- Reformists in Rouhani’s Think-Tank

2- If Rouhani Reshuffles His Cabinet, It’ll Be a Good Point for Him in Next Elections: Reformist Figure

3- Ayatollah Rafsanjani: Human Beings Are Getting Closer to Rationality Today

4- Analyst: Rouhani’s Presence in East Asia Is a Warning to the West



1- Don’t Approach Iran: IRGC’s Warning to Saudi Warships

2- Iran and Japan Start Banking Cooperation

3- Bahonar Criticizes Those Who Are Running for Presidential Elections Every Time

4- NATO’s Plan for Attack on Syria with 800 Fighter Jets

5- German Minister’s Visit to Iran Means They Have Ignored Their Own Pre-Conditions: Hamshahri



1- 21st Century Belongs to Asia: Rouhani

2- A Report on Canals in Tehran Which Have Turned to Shelters for Junkies

3- Turkey’s Foot in Iraq’s Shoes: Conflict Breaks Out between Two Neighbours



1- Bahonar’s Advice to Conservatives: Those Who Weren’t Successful in Previous Elections Should Better Refrain from Running Again



1- UN: Hundreds of Thousands of War-Hit Children in Yemen Are Hungry

2- Foreign Ministry Spokesman: UN’s Report about Iran’s Human Rights Is Invalid

3- 100,000 Added to Iran’s Population Each Month: Official


Haft-e Sobh:

1- Peugeot to Produce 200,000 Cars in Iran Each Year

2- No One Liked German Vice-Chancellor

3- From Rasht to Rhine: 20 Interesting Points about Professor Majid Samii



1- Cars That Pollute the Air Won’t Be Allowed in Tehran Anymore

2- Economy Minister: We Wasted Our Money by Paying Cash Subsidies



1- US Is Cheerfully Supporting Wahhabi Terrorists: Larijani

2- Ban Ki-moon’s Unsubstantiated Claim in His Last Day!

3- Peugeot CEO: We Paid Compensation to Iran, and Its Amount Is Secret

4- Argument over Iran’s Nuclear Program: Hot Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump’s First VPs

5- Secular Thoughts Aimed at Removing Abrahamic Religions Are Regrettable: Iran Official



1- Southaast Asia, the Destination of Iran’s Economic Diplomacy

2- $6.6bn Improvement in Iran’s Food Trade Balance

3- Big Scandal for Yahoo


Jame Jam:

1- US Sabotage in Banking Transactions

2- Looking at the East, Working with the Wes: President Rouhani in Southeast Asia

3- Deprived Provinces, the First to Take Part in Online Census

4- The Challenge of Children Having the Final Say in Families



1- US and Russia Moving towards Conflict in Syria

2- IRGC: Saudis Shouldn’t Even Approach Iran’s Territorial Waters

3- 29 Wounded in a Fight after Iranian Singer’s Concert


Jomhouri Eslami:

1- New Round of Rouhani’s Diplomacy for Expansion of Ties with East Asia

2- Iran’s 22-Rank Improvement in World Inflation Ranking

3- Joint Plot by US and Saudi Arabia to Attack Syria Revealed



1- Spirit of New Oil Contracts Is Based on Being Pawns for Foreigners

2- Iraqi Popular Forces: We’ll See Turkish Military the Same as ISIS

3- 4 Pakistani Pilgrims Killed in Takfiris’ Armed Attack on Shiites’ Bus



1- Iran’s Central Bank Governor Criticizes Europe’s Silence over US Violation of Its Commitments

2- USA’s New Gift to ISIS: American Fighters Attack Iraqi Popular Forces on Verge of Mosul Liberation

3- Khorasan’s Interview with Master Farshchian in the US

4- Peugeot Vows to Compensate for the Past


Mardom Salari:

1- Cyberspace: Cultural Shock or Cultural Prosperity?

2- Rumours of World War in Syria: NATO Fighters Getting Prepared on Pentagon’s Order

3- Imam Hussein’s Movement Showed that Not Any Dirty Means Should Be Used to Achieve One’s Goals



1- 40,000 Green Clothes Sewed in Imam Reza Shrine for Infants Taking Part in Muharram Mourning Ceremonies [their parents want them to wear similar clothes to Imam Hussein’s infant Ali Asghar]



1- Presence of Nationals from 80 Countries in Syria Is a Threat to Global Peace: Leader’s Advisor

2- Larijani: There’s a Goal behind US Adventures in Middle East

3- Iran Has the Option to Return to Pre-JCPOA Era: Bahonar

4- Chief of Iran’s Human Rights Office: We’ve Guaranteed Civil Rights



1- A Curve as Wide as Human Beings: October 7, World Day of Smile



1- Iran’s High Speed in Controlling Non-Communicable Diseases

2- No to Any Age Discrimination: World Day of the Elderly



1- Peugeot CEO Apologizes to Iranian People: We’re Sorry, We Were Victims of the Sanctions



1- Yellow Condition in Persian Gulf: IRGC Issues Warning to Saudi Military Drills

2- Guterres Becomes UN’s Secretary General

3- Rouhani Won’t Be Our Candidate for Sure: Conservative Figure

By Iran Front Page