Mohsen Rezaei: Enemies afraid of righteousness of Islamic Revolution

Shiraz, Fars Prov, Oct 3, IRNA – Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei says that the enemies of the country are afraid of righteousness of the Islamic Revolution.

Rezaei made the remarks in a meeting on Monday with the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps commanders in Fars province.

The Islamic Revolution is not in favor of aggression against other countries, and it appreciates democracy in the Islamic nations, he said.

The Islamic Revolution urges independence of the Islamic countries and renounce the supremacy of the United States and the West over the Islamic Nations, he said.
The world should acknowledge the right of people in the Islamic countries, Rezaei said.

Iran’s Armed Forces are well-equipped with sophisticated weapons including missiles and other military hardware that enable them to deter and disappoint the enemies, he said.

We should also push them back in cultural and political arenas as well to declare the righteousness of the Muslims, he said.

‘If only for a second we forget about the country, the enemies will seize the chance to attack Iran,’ the secretary of the Expediency Council said.

History indicates that when there is a spirit of reconciliation in the country, the possibility for the country to be exposed to both internal and external insecurities will rise,’ Rezaei said.

The Islamic Revolution firmly adheres to its principles and this revolutionary charisma is now visible in the face of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Rezaei said.

The US is not committed to its commitments regarding implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Rezaei underlined.

When the time came for the JCPOA to be implemented, they (the US officials) held meetings with big global banks and warned them against reestablishment of ties with the Iranian banks.

They in fact threatened those banks to be watchful in dealing with Iran, he said.

‘They have replaced sanctions with threats.’