Intl. companies willing to participate in Iran’s water and wastewater sector

September 27, The Iran Project – International companies are really willing to provide services in Iran’s water and wastewater sector in post-sanction era, said the Secretary of International water conference and editor of the GWI (Global Water Intelligence) English journal. 

Speaking to a reporter on Tuesday, Tom Scotney said having communicated with Iran’s Ministry of Energy and Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, the officials of GWI journal are trying to create a communication network between Iran’s public and private sectors in the water and wastewater sector and international private sectors in other countries.

Iran’s high capacity, proper technical capabilities, and the commitment of the government to use the capabilities of the private sector encouraged the international companies to continue working in this country, he noted.

International water conference was held in Tehran on Tuesday with the presence of Iran’s Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian.

The one-day conference aimed at knowing Iran’s market to provide services in water and wastewater sector.

Iranian Deputy Energy Minister, CEOs of Japan, South Korea, and China’s Exim Banks, and the CEO of French Suez Environment Company were among the officials participated in the conference.

In line with easing the international sanctions against Iran, many foreign companies welcome to invest in different sectors of the country.