Hossein Jaberi Ansari

Iran’s move in Syria in coordination with Damascus

Damascus, Sept 20, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs, Hossein Jaberi Ansari, said on Tuesday that any action taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in connection with Syria is absolutely in coordination with the Syrian government.
Jaberi Ansari made the remark in a press conference in Damascus, Syria, on Tuesday.

He said, “We believe any unilateral operation launched without coordination with the Syrian government, even if having positive result in a short period of time, will have reverse result in the long-term.

He said any operation inside Syrian territory without coordination with the Syrian government will be unacceptable and entail grave consequences.

“One cannot speak of ceasefire, while supporting terrorism; what happened in Deir al-Zor , raises a serious question on goals and policies of the US.”

He announced that it is not the result of an event but sign of playing with card of terrorism.

“Certain players oppose any ceasefire because their policy is based on continuation of crisis in Syria. Maintenance of Syria unity is a duty resting on Syrians before than any other player; As long as there is not sufficient will on part of Syria, territorial integrity of the country will not be threatened by any factor.”

He noted, “We hope government and nation as well as the political and social groups of Syria will take policies to end crisis in the country.”