Official discloses new DDoS attack against Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace Abolhassan Firouzabadi announced that the country has become the target of a new massive Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDoS) attack recently.

“2 or 3 weeks ago, a DDoS attack was launched on Iran’s network and the international relations of several important and large service-providers were cut under the attack,” Firouzabadi said on Sunday.

“The attack occurred at the speed of 30 GB with the aim of disturbing Iran’s network,” he added.

Firouzabadi expressed pleasure that given the measures taken by experts in the IXP switches, there is a possibility for separating the international and internal networks’ traffic and therefore, the attack didn’t disturb the traffic of internal services.

A DDoS attack occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers.

Such an attack is often the result of multiple compromised systems (for example, a botnet) flooding the targeted system with traffic.

By Fars News Agency