Sohrab Moradi gives Iran second gold medal in two days

Iran’s weightlifter Sohrab Moradi has lifted a total of 403 kilograms at the 94-kilogram category of Rio 2016 Olympics Games, and won the second gold medal for the Iranian squad at the event.

On Friday, Iran won its first gold in the games as weightlifter Kianoush Rostami won the men’s 85-kilogram category with a world record of a total of 396 kilograms. These two golds put Iran in the 20th spot of the Rio Olympics rankings between Switzerland and Sweden. 

Moradi first requested 178 kilograms but failed to lift it, but easily lifted it in his second try. Despite being top of the list, for his third attempt he lifted 182 kilograms to raise the bar even further.

Moradi showed an even better performance in the clean and jerk by lifting 221 kilograms in his first try, which was enough to win the gold as the other participants did not lift anything similar in all their three attempts.

In his remaining attempts, he asked for 231 and 233 kilograms to increase the gap with his rivals but he was not successful to change the world record in the category.

Vadzim Straltsou of Belarus claimed silver with a total of 395 kilograms and Lithuania’s Aurimas Didzbalis won bronze on 392 kilograms.

Iran’s other lifter in the 94-kilogram category, Ali Hashemi, finished in the seventh place with a total of 383 kilograms.

By Press TV