Iran withdraws complaint against Russia over S-300 system

Tehran, Aug 13, IRNA – Member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad-Ebrahim Rezaie said on Saturday that Iran has taken back its file against Russia over the S-300 system.

Rezaie said for the time being, Russia is Iran’s main ally in the region and bilateral relations are growing.

He said over the past few years, the two countries tried to settle their points of difference and one of the issues they were to settle was the S-300 system.

‘In the years, Iran was subject to the West’s unjust sanctions, Russia could not meet its obligations and deliver the S-300 system due to the sanctions; so, the Islamic Republic of Iran filed complaint against Moscow to defend its rights and receive damage due to the delay. Now in the past one year, we have been witnessing proper implementation of the contract and timely delivery of the system by Russia.’

The MP said regarding Russia’s positive approach in delivery of the S-300 air defense system based on the said contract and at due time, Iran has withdrawn its complain over reparation over delay on part of the country; absolutely, this will lead to promotion of bilateral relations.

Russian ambassador to Tehran says it had called on Iran for times to withdraw its complaint over non-delivery of the S-300 system and now that half the systems have been delivered to Iran, the complaint will be generally discarded from the two sides’ agenda.