Foreign tourists visiting Ouee underground city up by 10%

Aran va Bidgol, Isfahan prov., Aug 6, IRNA – Manager of the complex of ancient underground city of Ouee near Kashan said that the number of foreign tourists visiting the historical city has increased by 10 comparing last year.

Abbas Shafeie told IRNA on Saturday that since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2016), some 3,500 foreign tourists have visited the underground city which lies in the city of Noushabad north of Kashan in Isfahan province, central Iran.

The figure showed a 10% growth compared to its previous year.

The underground city of Ouee in Noushabad is considered as one of the masterpieces of Iran’s ancient architecture. It was discovered in 2004.

People of Noushabad dug up 4 flours under their town connected to their houses by a well from inside their courtyards at least 1,500 years ago in the Sassanian period (16th to 18th centuries), fearing from being invaded by some foreigners. Ouee was created in order to escape such unwanted death.

According to Shafeie, the number of foreign visitors of the underground city has increased following the landmark nuclear deal made between Iran and the world six major powers in July 2015.

The season of foreign tourists arrival in Iran begins from late August and ends at the end of December and Christmas, said the official.

He noted that after the foreign tourists experience Iranians’ warm hospitality, they admit that Iran is totally different from all those propaganda of the Western media.

They (foreign visitors) say they could not believe that Iran is a country with such a high level of security and that its people are this much friendly, the official concluded.