GECF Chief: Energy demand to triple by next 25 years

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries’ Forum (GECF) Mohammad-Hossein Adeli said on Monday that in next 25 years, energy demand in Iran will tripled, so renewable energies should be further utilized.

Adeli made the remark in an address to the ceremony marking the 50th Anniversary of Establishment of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).

He said for the time being, 98 percent of the country’s energy is made out of oil and gas.

He added that energy consumption in Iran is limited to oil and gas and such a thing will happen for another 25 years, which means demand will go three-folded.

The official said now, the household and power plant consumption reserve highest portion in the consumption and this will change in the future with the major portion going to the power plant than household.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he focused on imports and said leaving Japan behind, China and India have turned into new players in gas imports.

In the coming years, demand for gas will increase and more than half the demands will be channeled to China, the US, India and Iran, concluded Adeli.

Ceremonies marking the 50th Anniversary of Establishment of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) opened on Monday morning, attended by senior state officials, a number of ministers and vice-presidents, MPs and senior oil industry directors.

The ceremony is underway at the International Seminars Center of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI).

The ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the NIGC establishment aims to introduce potential of Iranian gas industry both nationally and internationally, introduce the turning point in the gas industry in 50 years of service to the public, define the standing and role of gas in national economy, security, environment protection, lifestyle, development and social welfare, financial saving, while introducing fuel substitutes.

Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh, Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade, Head of the Department of Environment, Secretary General of The Gas Exporting Countries Forum, and Presidential Economic Advisor are to address the meeting.

A special panel meeting, entitled Prospect of the Oil Industry in the Next Half Century will be held on the sidelines, attended by Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Managing Director of the NIGC and members of the NIGC board of directors.

By Fars News Agency