Mahmoud Abbas & Maryam Rajavi

Abbas-Rajavi’s temporary political marriage in Paris

August 2, The Iran Project – On Saturday evening, July 30, the ringleader of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) Maryam Rajavi, met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the French capital of Paris, reportedly discussing regional issues and the recent MKO’s meeting in Paris.  

There are some important points concerning the recent Abbas-Rajavi’s visit and other MKO’s diplomatic moves:

  1. Coordinating different players of the axis of resistance enemies and creating a unified coalition against the Islamic Revolution discourse are among the
    other objectives of the visits
  1. Continuing the division scenario of the Palestinian factions is among the anti-resistance Front’s strategies that will exacerbate the disputes among the factions; its example has been seen in the Syria’s crisis. It also leads Fatah movement, formerly known as the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, to a direction that it cannot reach the Palestine cause and make a coalition with the resistance groups
  1. Creating a negative image of Palestinians in the minds of the Iranian people and providing an atmosphere that makes it difficult for the Islamic Republic of Iran to support the Palestinian cause
  1. Leading Palestinians minds toward Iran’s opposition through reminding the interaction among guerrilla movements before and in the beginning of Islamic Revolution and restoring the relations of factions known as the so-called liberation movements

The ominous coalition will mainly hurt Fatah (Palestinian National Liberation Movement). By being placed next to a terrorist movement which was once acknowledged as a terrorist group by the West but has recently been taken off their blacklist, Fatah movement which is mostly known for compromising will be the main loser.

It can be predicted that in the near future, Palestinian National Authority and Fatah movement will be accused of collaborating with terrorists.

In such a situation, Christian Zionism Front will plan the scenario of temporary marriage of compromise movement with the MKO terrorist group that assassinated some 17,000 Iranians, and involved in Anfal operations in Iraq. So, in the future, Fatah movement will be treated as a terrorist organization in the West Bank.

Finally, comfort-seeking leaders that have acted as the US and Israel’s mercenaries in the last few decades and have largely hurt the Palestinian cause, should consider the fact that they have made a historical mistake that prevents them from returning to the Palestinian people.

Analyzing the scenario’s layers and pondering main goals of the issue may prevent the great strategic damages arising from the self-centeredness of the Fatah movement which has granted Palestine  to foreigners in the last few decades.

In a meantime, unwise measures of MAbu Mazen will result in creating a split among the Palestinians, dispute in the Fatah movement, and creating an opportunity for Israel to dismantle the Palestinian Authority and annex the West Bank to the occupied territories under the pretext of supporting terrorism.