Iran ready to export 30bn cm/year gas to Europe by 2021

Tehran, July 25, IRNA – Director of the International Affairs Department at National Iranian Gas Company Azizollah Ramezani said on Monday that Iran will retain the potential for export of 30 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe annually by the Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2016-2021).

Ramezani told IRNA that based on plans, Iran will have the potential to export 80 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe by the end of 2021 and 50 billion cubic meters are to be dedicated for exports to the neighboring countries.

He added that in the first phase, 30 billion cubic meters of gas will be exported to Europe.

He noted that up to 120 million cubic meters more is expected to be added to the exports capacity in light of implementation of optimization projects.

On Pakistani media claims that Tehran and Islamabad reached an agreement to reconsider deal for gas exports , he said, “It seems unlikely that the contract would be reconsidered and a change will be made in provisions of the accord.”

A number of European countries like Georgia, Bulgaria, and Greece have called for gas imports from Iran but it has not yet been finalized.