White House says will veto Congress anti-Iranian measures

New York, July 15, IRNA – Reacting to the US Congress adoption of two anti-Iranian bills, the White House has announced it will veto any such measures if it finds them against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

As the US is preparing itself for the presidential elections, pundits say the Republicans in the Congress are trying to put pressure on the White House to scrap its nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, known also as the JCPOA.

Following the implementation of the JCPOA, everybody expected the gradual removal of sanctions.

But this has not been realized mainly because of the sabotage by the United States and those in the country who remain to be against a nuclear deal with Iran and the subsequent removal of sanctions.

Many experts believe, though, the move by the US hard-line Republicans, in the face of warnings by Democrat President Barack Obama against vetoing any measures inconsistent with the JCPOA, solely tends to be a political gesture doomed to be defeated.

The Republicans in the US Congress who remain to be against the nuclear deal with Tehran on Tuesday, adopted three anti-Iranian measures to put pressure on Obama and the Democratic Party and sabotage the historical nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers over its peaceful nuclear activities.

While the US Congress on Wednesday voted against the procurement of heavy water by the United States from Iran, it also ratified on Thursday two other measures calling for imposing new sanctions against the Islamic Republic for the country’s nuclear program.

Based on the third approved measure, the Congress has voted for restricting Iran’s access to the US financial system.

The US Senate is going to make the final decision on the three measures.

It is believed that the Republicans by adopting such measures are preparing the ground for putting the Democrats under more and more pressure ahead of the presidential elections a process they expect to be completed following Doland Trump’s victory that they believe will guarantee their control over the Congress and Senate.

But regarding Obama’s decision to veto bills inconstant with the JCPOA, the Republicans can hardly achieve their ends.