French embassy in Tehran

Iran intensifies security measures to protect French embassy in Tehran

Tehran, July 15, IRNA – Iran has intensified security measures at the buildings of the French embassy in Tehran after protest gathering in front of the embassy, Ali Asghar Naserbakht, Political and Security Deputy to the Governor of Tehran said on Friday.

A group of Iranian demonstrators gathered in front of French embassy in Tehran on Thursday night to show their protest against the Paris hosting of an annual meeting of the MKO terrorist group.

Naserbakht referred to the attack against the Saudi embassy by angry protesters in the past and said that the security apparatuses and Tehran police are committed to prevent repetition of such events.

Deputy Tehran Governor General for Security Affairs Mohsen Hamedani had told IRNA earlier that between 50 to 60 demonstrators had gathered in front of French embassy in Tehran, but the protesters were calmly dispersed.

‘Due to the concurrence of holding the illegal gathering with France’s national day in the embassy, the diplomatic police present at the embassy peacefully dispersed the demonstrators,’ Hamedani said.