ISIS modifies computer games to recruit children, young adults

The ISIS terrorists modify the electronic and computer games in their own interest.

By making changes to the games that have been specially designed for over 18-year-old users, the ISIS is recruiting Arab children and young adults.

The ISIS looks at children and young adults as human shields to achieve its barbaric goals in Syria and Iraq.

In mid-June, local sources in Raqqa revealed that the ISIS forcefully takes children who are under 14-year-old from their families to recruit them as soldiers for the war against the Syrian forces.

The sources added that the ISIS has set up special institutes under the cover of religious training schools and uses them as its own base to recruit children.

According to the sources, the ISIS training has three stages of religious training to familiarize them with the terrorist group’s special approach, preparing the children for hard situations by physical training and teaching them how to use weapons and spiritual training which means preparing the children for different crimes, including beheading.

They added that the ISIS has formed a full brigade of 140 children in Raqqa and intends to send them to the battleground, FNA reported.

By American Herald Tribune