Rouhani phone call to neighbors on Eid al-Fitr

TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has spoken through phone call to presidents of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Republic of Azerbaijan in the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.Speaking to Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, Rouhani believed that the two countries were prepared to develop bilateral cooperation in all fields, including political, economic and cultural fields.

Ilham Aliyev for his part said that Baku was resolved to promote ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields, to which Rouhani also announced strong resolve in Iranian side; “firm resolve by the two government and affection between the two nations are two solid bases for deepening Tehran-Baku ties in all fields,” president told Aliyev Tuesday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is fully prepared to promote relations between the two countries to a point that the two nations achieve their ideals of making the best use of common opportunities,” Rouhani added.

Ilham Aliyev congratulated Rouhani on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr; “Baku is determined to develop and deepen ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields.”

Still in another phone call, President Rouhani reached to Turkemnistan’s President Qurban Ali Berdimuhamedov to congratulate the Central Asian country’s head on Eid al-Fitr occasion where President Rouhani voiced Iran’s resolve to strengthen ties with Turkmenistan, especially in construction projects where Iranian technical and skilled engineering labor would contribute to country’s still nascent infrastructure projects.

Mr. Berdimuhamedov for his part congratulated Iran’s president and nation on the festive occasion; “cultural and geographical proximity contribute to deeper connections between the two nations; for Turkmenistan, invaluable in terms of economy is good transport route from Ashgabat down to Persian Gulf; we welcome Iranian contribution to Turkmenistan’s economic projects where Iranian firms have been active recently,” he told Rouhani over the phone.

In a phone call with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Rouhani believed that Iran’s principled policy had been supporting central government in Kabul and had condemned terrorists and extremists as sources of instability and threat to Iran’s eastern neighbor; “we are in the road to a relationship where we would see an stable, prospering Afghanistan whose central strong government would bring security to its people,” Rouhani told Ghani. “Terrorist attacks on civilians are source of grief for us and we hope time will come when terrorists would come to understating that Islam has forbidden violence and recommended unity and fraternity among fellow co-religionists,” Rouhani added.

“Iran welcomes joint economic commission with Afghanistan to bear economic boom to the region; we have a strong will to work with Afghanistan to promote bilateral ties,” Rouhani said.

Ashraf Ghani for his part said that Afghanistan welcomed better ties with its western neighbor, while congratulating back the festive Eid al-Fitr to Rouhani and Iranians; “Tehran summit earlier in June greatly helped development of trilateral ties with India and Iran and draw clear lines along which economic efforts would yield boom for all sides; Afghanistan hails cooperation in Chabahar and we believe trilateral will promote the port’s international position,” he concluded the phone call.

By Mehr News Agency