ISIS puts 7 own members in boiling water

“The ISIS/Daesh executed seven of its militants who had fled Sharqat battlefield in Salahuddin province by putting them in containers with boiling water,” the Arabic-language media quoted a local source Mosul city as saying on Monday.

He noted that the seven ISIS militants were thrown into a big boiling water pot after their hands and legs were tied up tightly.

In mid-June, the ISIL terrorist group executed 19 of its elements on charges of deserting the battlefield in al-Shuhada region.

“The ISIS terrorists executed 19 of its elements who fled from the latest battles against the security forces in the neighborhoods of al-Shuhada and al-Nassaf in Central Fallujah,” an unnamed informed source in Iraq’s Western city of Fallujah said.

“This came after the issuance of  death sentence against them by ISIL court.”

The source also explained that the execution was carried out by firing a bullet into the convicts’ head; FNA reported.

This is not the first time, the terrorirsts use boiling water for killing or torturing. According to a Daily Mail report, the teenage Yazidi victim, who was in the captivity of the Islamic State militants group disclosed that she and her little sister were raped daily by the dreaded terrorists after they were sold into slavery at an auction of virgins.

While the teenager described the horrific abuse she suffered as a sex slave, many other shocking revelations came out. The teenager disclosed that she was not only gang-raped and whipped but was also scalded on the thigh with boiling hot water if she didn’t keep with her ISIS rapist’s depraved sexual demands.

By American Herald Tribune