Iran, Germany expand archaeological coop.

TEHRAN, Jun. 21 (MNA) – The heads of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization and German Archaeological Institute held a meeting and underlined the need for the expansion of archeological cooperation.

Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti pointed to a MoU inked previously between Iran and Germany and stressed the need to implement projects agreed upon in last meetings.

Our emphasis is to enrich studies due to applying new sciences and education which is to be realized within the framework of agreements, Beheshti noted.

Beheshti, in another part of his speech, emphasized the importance of the protection of cultural heritage and stated “protection should be considered in all aspects in the projects and we should act in a way that every project have a good vision and horizon.”

Svend Hansen, for his part, expressed satisfaction with the continuation of bilateral cooperation and said Germany looks for further cooperation with Iran.

“The development of natural sciences has provided us with great opportunities in the field of archeology which will help expand cooperation using the opportunity as well as past experiences,” Hansen noted.

The two sides agreed on a memorandum of understanding in August last year to cooperate in research related fields, dissemination of information in the field of archeology, anthropology, geophysical studies, techniques of finding ancient artifacts, cultural study of materials and samples, interdisciplinary scientific analysis and other research projects related to the cultural heritage studies.

By Mehr News Agency