US crimes against Iran

Tehran, June 20, The Iran Project – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has suggested holding American human rights week in Iran from this year.  United States has committed so many crimes in the 20th and 21st century that it is not strange to name a week for reviewing and investigating American crimes against humanity.

In the meantime, the United States of America has committed so many unforgivable crimes against Iran either before and after the Islamic Revolution that, perhaps no country, even the ‘Old Fox’ Britain has never committed against Iran.

This is while the US claims it is the first supporter of the human rights and the US Department of State, despite America’s prevention of inspecting its own territory, annually publishes a report on human rights in other countries.

Here the names of some of US crimes against Iran are listed by year:

A. Pre-revolution Iran

1. Having significant role in designing and implementing the August 19 coup d’état against Iran’s elected government

2.Martyrdom of Iranian students in December 7, 1953

3. Supporting and strengthening the autocratic rule of Shah

4. US security role and assistance in setting up the dreaded and hated SAVAK (Organization of Intelligence and National Security in Shah Era) – 1957

5. Killing hundreds of people in the bloody uprising of June 5, 1963

6. Imposing capitulation law on Iran and humiliating its great nation – 1964

7. Plotting the killing of Iranian students in front of Tehran University in November 4, 1978

8. Plotting military coup and extensive massacre of Iranian people directed by General Huyser, whom President Carter had sent on a mysterious mission to Tehran

9. Occupying Iran in the World War II (when the war ended, the Great Britain army left Iran but the US and the Soviet military forces still remained in the country which led to led to the formation of two autonomous and short-lived governments, Republic of Mahabad in Kurdistan and Democratic Party in Azerbaijan.

B. Post-revolution Iran

1. Giving shelter to the leaders of the ousted Pahlavi regime, the most important one was Mohammad Reza – 1979

2. Supporting the so-called moderate groups (Freedom Movement, National Front and other anti-religious nationalists)

3. Supporting ethnic riots with the aim of dividing Iran and changing it into Iranistan – 1979

4. Converting US embassy in Iran to Den of Espionage

5. Imposing economic pressure on Iran after the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran, ordering to cut Iran’s oil purchase, ordering to seizure all Iran’s assets in the US, and restricting most exports and financial transactions with Iran

6. Freezing Iran’s assets and imposing sanctions on the country to dissuade people from continuing the revolution – 1980

7. Setting up covert military operation in Tabas aimed at freeing American spies arrested in the US embassy – 1981

8. Plotting Nojeh Coup d’etat to defeat the Islamic revolution and separate people and the military

9. Cutting ties with Iran aiming at Iran’s pleading to resume relations with the US – 1981

10. Supporting Saddam Hussein to attack Iran

11. Encouraging Saddam Hussein to attack Iran with the aim of invading Khuzestan and separating it from Iran’s territory -1981- 1988

12. Full support for Saddam Hussein in Iran-Iraq war to continue the war and prevent the victory of the Islamic Republic – 1981- 1988

13. Political, legal and promotional support for mercenary Bani-Sadr in June, 1983

14. Supporting separatist movements in Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, and Kurdistan

15. Equipping Iraq with chemical and biological weapons against Iran

16. Spying Iran during Saddam regime’s imposed war on Iran and providing information to the Iraqi Baath regime

17. Attacking a number of Iran’s naval fleets in the Persian Gulf – 1988

18. Attacking Iran’s oil platforms to show off US military power in the Persian Gulf – 1989

19. Shooting down Iran’s passenger plane (Iran Air flight 655) in the Persian Gulf to make Iranian nation retreat from political scene – 1989

20. Supporting the MKO

21. Imposing cruel sanctions against Iran

22.  Preventing the execution of Iran-Germany contract to construct Bushehr nuclear power plant

23. Cultural invasion aimed at undermining people’s faith – 1991 to present

24. Promoting insulting Islam with the book “The Satanic Verses” and advertising it in American Magazines

25. Entertaining young people with passions, drugs and alcohol

26. Internet and computer games

27. Sex porn movies

28. Persian-language radio and television programs

29. Accusing the Islamic system of reactionary and terrorism

30. Fabricating news

31. Creating division among ethnicities and Shia and Sunni Muslims

32. Promoting dolls like Barbie, Spiderman and Batman

33. Imposing dual containment policy against Iran, 1993

34. Stimulating United Arabic Emirates (UAE) to raise territorial claims against the three Iranian Islands in the Persian Gulf

35. Strong opposition to the Russia’s contract to build the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran

36. Promoting anti-Iranian sentiment

37. Introducing Iran as the biggest obstacle to the peace process in the Middle East

38. Incriminating Iran for the AMIA explosion in Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1994

39. Enforcing the D’Amato Act to ban investment in Iran’s oil and natural gas sector – 1996

40. Inducing electoral fraud in Iran’s 2009 election to discourage people and reduce their participation – 1997

41. Sentencing Iran in the Mykonos Court to isolate the Islamic Republic in the international environment – 1997

42. Passing a budget in the US Congress to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran -1998

43. Setting up Iranian Student Protests of July 9 to undermine “national security” and create public discontent – 1999

44. Accusing Iran of being an “Axis of Evil” – 2002

45. Attacking Iraq and Afghanistan to create a pincer movement and simultaneously put pressure on Iran from two neighboring countries – 2002

46. Supporting rioters to intimidate Iranian people and discourage resisting the enemy – 2003

47. Creating 2009 sedition annul the election and make Iranian people confront the government – 2009

48. Plotting multiple resolutions against Iran’s human rights situation

49. Assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists – 2010

50. Imposed sanctions on selling gasoline to Iran to make people dissatisfied and the country insecure – 2010

51. Plotting cultural invasion and aggression against Iran’s culture

52. Continuously promoting secularism and Laicism in Iran to destruct Islamic culture

53. Making anti-Iranian and anti-Islamic movies

54. Ongoing threat to attack Iran

55. Accusing Iran of being terrorism under various pretexts

56. Imposing multilateral sanctions against Iran to make people protest against the Islamic system and cripple the country’s economy – 2011- 2013

57. Making efforts to prevent the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) from taking place in Iran to isolate the country in the world – 2012

58. Organizing terrorist groups aiming at assassination, bombing and disturbing the security and tranquility of the country – 2012

59. Doubting the validity of Iran’s 2012 election to discourage people from voting – 2012

60. Trying to seize Iranian antiquities at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago