Zarif says Syrians themselves should decide their future

Berlin, June 15, IRNA – Syrian people themselves should decide their future, Iran’s foreign minister told reporters on Wednesday upon arrival in the German capital.

Iran’s solution for the Syrian crisis is that Syrian people should be given the right to decide about their future themselves, Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Referring to his visit earlier on Wednesday with the US secretary of state, Zarif said that John Kerry had proposed its point of views on the crisis in Syria, adding that, since talks on non-nuclear issues are not on Iran’s agenda, we avoided entering inclusive talks on Syria.

But he noted that he had held talks with his American counterpart on the banking issues.

We urged the United States to take serious actions on persuading banks and insurance companies to return to Iran.

‘My colleagues had some talks on money laundering and removal of sanctions with their counterparts on the sidelines of my meeting with Kerry’, Zarif added.

On his visit to Germany, Iran’s top diplomat said that he will discuss extremism, regional issues including Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as mutual ties with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Germany is one of the European states who tried, to return Iran in the post-JCPOA era, Zarif said, adding that he will discuss furthering economic ties between Tehran and Berlin in his meeting with Steinmeier.

Zarif, who has been invited by his German counterpart to visit Germany, arrived in the European country on Wednesday.