Intelligence minister assures foreign investors of Iran’s security

Tehran, June 12, IRNA — Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi underlined full security in Iran, and said therefore there are no concerns for the foreign investors wishing to invest in Iran.

‘Iran’s armed and security forces are vigilantly keeping an eye on every move made by the enemies and have established full security across Iran and this ministry does not allow anyone to create problems for the investors in Iran,’ Alavi said.

‘Fortunately today the security is prevalent in Iran and the terrorist groups are under full intelligence monitoring of us,’ he added.

In relevant remarks in January, Deputy Interior Minister Hossein Ali Amiri reiterated Tehran’s tight control over the country’s borders, saying the security forces are keeping a watchful eye on every suspicious move along the borderline, especially in western Iran.

‘At present, the country’s borders, especially the western borders, are fully secure and the necessary measures have also been adopted at the eastern borders,’ Amiri told reporters in his first press conference as the interior ministry spokesman in Tehran.

Asked about the possible dangers posed by Daesh (the ISIS) terrorist group, he said, ‘Daesh is never a threat to us and security is prevailing at the borders; of course vigilance is necessary.’

Amiri underscored that all ISIL moves are seriously monitored by the security forces.