Iran FM: All achievements made possible by people support

Stockholm, June 1, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said here on Wednesday that all achievements by the Islamic Republic made possible by people support.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iranians living in Sweden.

Zarif added that the aim of sanctions were to provoke Iranian people to stand against the establishment.

But people disappointed them and forced the world powers to negotiate with Iran on removal of sanctions, he said.

It was the people support for the establishment that forced enemies to abandon launching a military attack against Iran, he noted.

Iran’s top diplomat also said that Iranian people have nevere let anybody to attack their territory or hurt their dignity and pride.

Iranians as a great nation, following the fall of Iraqi dictator Saddam, despite 8 years of Baghdad’s oppressive war against them, never stopped helping their brethren in the country, Zarif added.

Iranians as a nation that suffered years of heavy sanctions and dire conditions, did not confronted the establishment and on the contrary opted to engage with the world, he said.

The people showed in 2013 presidential elections as well as 2016 legislative elections that nobody can separate them from the establishment by pressure, Zarif said.

He added that people by resisting sanctions, told the United States officials that they should speak to Iranian nation respectfully.

Iran’s endogenous security is the base of its power and this is the reason why the Leader said that Iran’s economy should be both endogenous and exogenous, Zarif said.

The foreign minister added that Iranians living abroad are Iranian cultural envoys and they are bridges for promoting dialogue between Iranian civilization and other civilizations.