Iran envoy: Grounds prepared for Malaysia investments in Iran

Kuala Lumpur, May 31, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to Malaysia Marzieyeh Afkham said here on Tuesday that grounds have been prepared for Malaysia’s investments in Iran as a connecting bridge between European and Asian markets.

She made the remarks on the sidelines of a conference on Malaysian Halal trade opportunity.

Afkham said that this is the starting point for bilateral economic cooperation and added that now everything is ready for cooperation between Iran and Malaysia both at regional and international levels.

Referring to the capacities of both countries in Halal industry and said that Iran has high capacity in this market, because Iranian products are 100 percent Halal.

The ambassador said that dialogues and interactions between researchers of the two countries will help their governments develop bilateral cooperation in this concern.

The share of Halal trade in world economy stands at 2,300 billion dollars now with share of Halal food standing around 700 billion dollars.
Malaysia Halal exports in 2015 stood at 9.8 billion dollars with China, Singapore, US, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand being the main destinations.