Saudi Arabia makes deal with Iraqi Govt. to save ISIS

Alwaght- As the final preparations are being made by different Iraq military forces to launch an operation in Fallujah, and as the possibility of taking the city back from the terrorists of ISIS grow bigger, Saudi Arabia has entered negotiations with Iraq and managed to reach an agreement with the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi to pave the way for saving ISIS’ terrorists from an encirclement by the Iraqi forces that grew tighter day by day since past few weeks.

An informed source close to the Iraqi government has told Alwaght’s reporter that the Saudi ambassador to Baghdad delivered a message during a meeting with the Iraqi defense minister. The message read that ISIS pledged to ease the conditions for Iraqi army as well as voluntary popular forces to recapture the city of Fallujah in Al Anbar province which during the past 13 years has been held by the Iraqi takfiri groups.

The source, who asked for anonymity, has continued that earlier Riyadh had made a similar deal with the government of PM al-Abadi to limit the firepower of Iraq’s force in ISIS-held areas of the country.

It is claimed that the Iraqi ministry of defense has agreed that in return to safe recapture of Fallujah with least number of tolls, the firepower of its weapons does not exceed three kilometers.

It was after this deal that the Saudi media during the past few days have welcomed liberation of 17 villages in Ramadi which is neighbor to Fallujah.

It appears that Riyadh has considered the event as part of Iraq’s anti-terror efforts.

By Al Waght