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‘US Plan B in Syria legitimizes ISIL’

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Plan B in Syria could broaden the conflict in the middle Eastern country, as some suggesting that the plan is the division of Syria and division of Iraq into ethnic lines that is going to create even further problems in the long run, a leading expert in Middle East affairs said.

“When you look at the interests of Saudi Arabia, who is pouring billions into this conflict, and…Turkey, you see that really they don’t want to have tranquility and peace in that region,” Islamic Human Rights Commission founder Massoud Shadjareh said, Sputnik reported.

“They’d had a commitment from the beginning for regime change.”

The United States and its allies maintain that their goal in Syria is to combat violent religious extremist groups like ISIL terrorist group. But Western powers resist the obvious solution to that problem by insisting first on the removal Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“The Syrian government has to be a part of the solution. Without that sort of engagement, there’s not going to be a solution and everybody knows that.”

Still, the US has struggled to develop an effective strategy in the region, it is now considering a mysterious Plan B that could broaden the conflict.

“Others are suggesting that Plan B is the division of Syria and division of Iraq into ethnic lines. That, indeed, is going to create even further problems for a very long time,” he says.

“It would create enclaves which would be opposed to one another and that will be continuously fighting one another.”

A partition of this nature would turn ISIL into a de facto government.

“It would legitimize the creation of a…ISIL-type of enclave in both countries, and it’s something that has now been promoted by the Saudis and its allies,” Shadjareh says. “This is really the problem of the United States…involvement in the Middle East. Wherever they…actually got involved, they have actually created bigger disasters than they were before.

“The reality is that this sort of gunboat diplomacy, trying to bring democracy with bombs and bullets, and supporting these insurgent groups, it’s really never going to work.

“Any fool could create this mess, but to clear it up is becoming a huge issue.”

By Fars News Agency