US pursuing regime change in Brazil, South Africa to break BRICS

Alwaght- The United States is pursuing regime change through ‘soft coups’ in countries challenging its hegemony with Brazil, South Africa and Venezuela being the latest target.

Political analyst, Hugo Turner says the US has won a major victory in Brazil last week by destroying a democracy in order to bring Brazil back under control. Dilma Rousseff has been impeached on trumped up charges ignoring the wishes of the 54 Million Brazilians who voted for her and replacing her with the traitor Michel Temer who spied for the US embassy in Brazil.

Writing for global research website, Turner added that the loss of Brazil has worse consequences for the globe. It is a major strategic victory for the US Empire in its attempt to re-conquer Latin America. It is also a major victory in the effort to destroy the BRICS countries. BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

In his article, Turner also focuses on South Africa, a country where a soft coup threatens another BRICS member.

South Africa is another victim of the economic war which has sent commodities prices plummeting. This has served to destabilize South Africa just as it has Venezuela, and Brazil. But of course the US isn’t content with destabilizing South Africa it wants to overthrow the ANC who have ruled South Africa since the fall or Apartheid.

The destabilization campaign against President Jacob Zuma began innocently enough with students demanding lower fees. However soon instead of chanting the “Fees must Fall” they were shouting “Zuma must Fall.” Now EFF head Julius Melema is calling for Zuma’s downfall even threatening to use force. And if that wasn’t bad enough the US embassy (CIA) have been caught organizing opposition movements and even hiring organized crime to burn down 19 schools in the Limpopo province.

Late February this year, South Africa’s ruling party accused US diplomats of “irregular activities”, pointing out that Washington is trying to foment regime change inside the country.

A spokesman for the African National Congress called on the US government to clarify the activities of some its diplomats.

“There seems to be irregular activities coming from the US Embassy,” said Keith Khoza. The ANC party will communicate their concerns to Washington through diplomatic channels, he said.

Khoza referred to accusations made last week by ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe that the US was planning regime change in South Africa. “Those meetings in the American Embassy are about nothing else other than mobilization for regime change,” said Mantashe. “We’re aware of a program that takes young people to the United States for six weeks, brings them back and plants them everywhere.”

Turner notes that the CIA is engineering the soft coups to break up the economic partnership between China, Brazil and South Africa damaging China the economic engine of the multipolar world and further isolating Russia the military backbone of BRICS.

Turner also notes that there is an ongoing “soft coup” in Venezuela. He notes that the opposition appropriately named MUD continues it’s campaign to destroy Venezuela on the orders of their CIA controllers. The Venezuelan opposition launched a recall petition and easily achieved the 1% of signatures needed.

Next they only need 20% of voters to agree to a recall referendum and then a Referendum forcing Maduro to resign can eventually be voted on. President Nicolas Maduro is determined to resist this scheme and hopes to fulfill his term which doesn’t end until 2018.

On Friday, Venezuelan President declared a 60-day state of emergency on Friday due to what he called plots from within the OPEC country and the United States to topple his leftist government.

Maduro did not provide details of the measure. A previous state of emergency, implemented in states near the Colombian border last year, suspended constitutional guarantees in those areas, except for guarantees relating to human rights.

Earlier on Friday, US intelligence officials told reporters they were increasingly worried about the potential for an economic and political meltdown in Venezuela and predicted Maduro was not likely to complete his term.

The former union leader and bus driver has vowed to stick out his term, and accuses the United States of fomenting an undercover coup against him. He pointed to this week’s impeachment of fellow leftist Dilma Rousseff in Brazil as a sign that he is the next target.

“Washington is activating measures at the request of Venezuela’s fascist right, who are emboldened by the coup in Brazil,” Maduro said during a Friday night broadcast on state television.  Venezuela’s ruling Socialist Party has long been a strong ally of Rousseff’s Workers Party.

BRICs countries have been challenging the US hegemony particularly in the soft power terms and now Washington is using its notorious spy agency, CIA, to undermine these countries and others not subservient to its domineering policies.

By Alwaght