Insurance problems of Iranian oil tankers solved

Tehran, May 13, IRNA – Managing Director of National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) said here on Friday that the insurance issue of Iranian tankers has been solved completely.

Talking to IRNA, Ali-Akbar Safaei said thanks to issuance of valid international certificates and removal of insurance sanctions, there is no limit for the movement of oil tankers in the world’s ports.

He added the Iranian oil tankers could berth in all ports across the world, thanks to settlement of insurance problems.

The official further noted that the NITC as the world’s largest fleet of super tankers consists of 70 ships for carrying oil and gas.

‘In the sanctions era and despite restrictions, Iranian oil tankers carried oil to South Korea, China, India and Japan.,’ he added.

Considering the high risk of carrying oil cargos, Safaei said many countries allow the oil tankers of other countries only when they are covered by credible international insurance companies.