Senior Catholicleader hails Iran’s attention to religious minorities

Beirut, May 5, IRNA – Leader of Armenian Church Catholicosate of Cilicia Aram I appreciated attention paid by Iranian government and Supreme Leader to affairs related to religious minorities, Armenians in particular, in Iran.

Aram I made the remarks here in a meeting with visiting Iranian Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkman.

He described good relations between Muslims and Christians in Iran as an example for convergence among followers of different religions.

For his part, Torkman appreciated Aram I for hosting dialogue between Muslims and Armenians about two years ago.

Torkman said the next round of dialogue will be held in Iran a few months later.

The two also held talks on regional developments, measures taken to support Lebanon’s Resistance and situation of Armenians in Iran.

Torkman arrived in the Lebanese capital on Wednesday to attend two Islamic meetings here.