Interior ministry puts turnout of run-off elections at 59 percent

Tehran, April 30, IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister Hossein-Ali Amiri here on Saturday put the turnout of second round of 10th parliamentary elections at 59 percent.

Amiri reiterated that the figure indicates three percent increase compared to the run-off of 9th parliamentary elections.

He added the winners of the second round of 10th parliamentary elections in 51 constituencies have been announced and the results of four left constituencies will be announced after some legal formalities and as soon as possible.

He added 47 percent of the winner candidates are women and the rest are men.

Iranians voted in the run-off parliamentary elections in which 68 seats were up for seize in the 290-seat Majlis.

Polls opened at 8:00 local time (0430 GMT) on Friday (April 29) in 55 cities and towns in 21 provinces across the country.

According to the Elections Headquarters, 136 nominees ran for 68 seats.

About 17 million voters were eligible to go to the ballot boxes for the run-off elections across the country.

There was no run-off vote in the capital, Tehran, as the candidates close to the President Hassan Rouhani gained all the 30 seats in February 26.

The new parliament will begin its session on May 27.