Italian writer to Sputnik: ‘In Iran, an ordinary journey is an adventure’

Italian photographer, journalist and travel writer Angela Corrias speaks to Sputnik about her impressions of Iran after several trips to the ancient country. The most ordinary journey, she says, can become an adventure, especially if the country you’re visiting features not only striking landscapes, but unforgettable people.

Angela Corrias is a travel writer and journalist who documents her journeys around the world. Having made multiple trips to Iran, and publishing several dozen travel reports, complete with photos, commentary and historical background, the writer revealed to Sputnik Persian some of the reasons compelling her to return to the ancient country again and again.

“I spent the first few days of my [first] trip in Tehran, looking to thoroughly explore the capital. During one of my walks I came upon Niavaran, a complex of luxurious palaces where the shahs of the Pahlavi dynasty liked to show off their fabulous wealth. Walking along a wide boulevard leading to the [Sa’dabad] Green Palace, I came across a street artist, whose paintings and beautiful landscapes immediately attracted my attention.”

“Coming to take a closer look at the work, I immediately decided that I would buy something. Right at the moment when I was about to take the piece I found appealing, a young man appeared and snatched it right out from under my nose. ‘It’s alright, I’ll take another’, I thought. The artist did not have any more finished works, but he told me that when I finish looking over the palaces and come back, a painting would be ready for me. I agreed. ‘It will dry in one day’, the kind man said.”

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