Erdogan welcomed Netanyahu in Sweden

The informal and confidential meeting between Cohen, the Mossad Chief, Sinerlioglu, and the Turkish Foreign Minister Deputy held in Sweden in press silence to consolidate hidden relations between the two countries again shows the humiliation and inferiority of Erdogan’s AK Party Islamist government.

According to this report, Middle East journalist and analyst Ashton Meyer tweeted: Erdogan’s ridiculous demonstration and his contrived fight with Shimon Peres in Davos conference and his anti-Israel gestures to show support for Gaza people was an evident hypocrisy and time showed he tried to trick the Turkish people and win the Arabs’ agreement.

The journalist also adds: After multiple failures in dealing with Europe, Armenia, Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran, Erdogan gave a coup de grace to Muslim Turks’ religious beliefs and wasted his political honor through ties with Israel.

Meyer also writes: When I remember how Turks welcomed Erdogan returning from Davos conference in Istanbul airport and imaging that next to the bloodied face of a child in Gaza weeping over herm other’s corps, I pity both, the cheated people Turkey and the injured Palestinian orphan. Who is more hurt among them? I do not know!

By Veterans Today