Cleric calls for enhancement of deterrence power

Tehran, April 1, IRNA – Tehran’s substitute Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Kazem Sediqi called for enhancement of Iran’s deterrence power against potential threats.

According to the Holy Quran commands, we should boost our defensive power against enemies, he added.

Enemy tries to force Iranian nation to bend towards them but if we bend towards them, they will not make any compromise, the cleric noted.

He referred to the Leader’s stress on implementation of ‘Resistance Economy’ outlines in the new Iranian calendar year and said it is ‘No’ to both sanctions and surrendering to powers.

Elaborating the ‘Resistance Economy’ outlines, Sediqi said that Iran wants to have good relations with the world but it should not limit its defensive capabilities.

Iran should have deterrence power in a way that world powers do not dare to invade it, he asserted.

Referring to the enemies’ cultural invasion, the cleric urged officials and people to be vigilant towards contents of certain social networks and enemies’ cultural programs for Iranian youth.