Major cleric warns against partisan look at resistance economy

Tehran, March 25, IRNA – Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami warned against what he called a partisan look at the resistance economy which he said would sacrifice the goal.

Addressing a large number of worshippers in the first Friday prayers of the new Iranian year, Ayatollah Khatami referred to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s naming the New Year as the year of ‘Resistance Economy; Plan and Action’, stating that this naming aims to publicize the discourse of resistance economy.

The ayatollah said that the resistance economy is not restricted to this year and the Supreme Leader has been underlining the significance of this goal over the past years.

He said that pinning hopes on the possible openings following a nuclear deal Iran reached with world powers last year diverted Iranians’ attention from the resistance economy for a while.

Despite many slogans, few measures were taken, Ayatollah Khamenei said, adding that the Supreme Leader is waiting for action to help implement the resistance economy.

‘Resistance economy means that we have to build our economy so that the regional and international fluctuations cannot shake it,’ he said, elaborating on the meaning of resistance economy.

‘One day the oil is priced $140 and the other day it is $20 or 30. Resistance economy means building the economy so that it will not shake in fluctuations.’

Ayatollah Khatami said that the main outcome of the resistance economy is prosperity of production sector.