Stairway to Heaven: Iran set to open world’s largest bookstore

The largest bookstore in the world is due to open in Tehran within two months, according to the head of the cultural heritage department, Mahmoud Salehi.

To date, the largest bookstore is situated in New York City, covering an area of 14 thousand square meters.

However, Tehran plans to break this record by constructing a building of 45 thousand square meters. In addition, a parking area for up to 5,000 cars is being planned.

The ridiculously vast collection of books will be suitable for people of any status and age category. The shelves will also be filled with magical books for children and adolescents.

The enormous building will also have an open auditorium for children which will host theater performances, based on book plots.

In addition, the book store will have four research departments, where university teachers will hold study sessions with their students.

“Currently we are at a stage of getting the store’s equipment.We hope that all interested publishers will be able to place their work on our shelves,” Salehi said.

By Sputnik