Nahavandian: Iran after constructive interaction with world

London, March 10, IRNA – Iran is firm to establish ‘constructive interaction’ with the international community and is not looking for intervention, Presidential Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian has said.

Nahavandian, currently in London to attend an enconomic conference themed ‘Iran’s Economic Opportunities and Challenges, made the remarks in comments published by the Financial Times on Thursday.

“We have to think about the future, and co-operation between the Iranian economy and the outside world would be beneficial to us all,” he added.

Asked about the effect of Iran’s recent Parliamentary elections on the future economic policies of the government, the official said that the huge electoral turnout is going to reduce the economic risks and the government can capitalize on the public participation to devise its economic policies.

‘The recent polls indicate that we have real democracy in Iran and that the people decide about their future,’ he said adding, ‘This is good for the economy.’

Answering a question on Iran’s plans for its oil sector, the Presidential Chief of Staff said, “The government has decided to go ahead with the expansion of the oil industry and foreign investment is required for this. We have revised the framework of the [oil] contracts,” he told the FT.

“It is not finalised yet; it is open for comments. You cannot call it opposition but there are differing opinions and the government would like to incorporate all these views,” he added.

On the willingness of the European countries and the United States to trade with Iran, Nahavandiansaid that both the EU and US are committed to trade with Iran based on the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action.

“We are making a positive environment,” he said.